Preserving the Past – Family Recipes

How many times have you heard people lament that they wish they had a copy of the recipe for Grammy’s Butter Tarts or lovingly remember the way their Mom made a Roast Chicken dinner with Pork Stuffing or fill in the blanks for your favourite family recipe that has been lost over time.

When my boys were young, I decided that this would not happen to our family’s recipes, so I created the Dunlop Brothers’ Family Cookbook, using a word processor on my computer. I continued to add recipes over the years, and printed and bound the book using a comb binding machine.  By last year, the book was 130 pages long.

I had a copy of my favourite recipes to give to the boys as they headed off to university or a copy to take to the cottage. Then I created a pdf version for my IPad, so that my recipes were with me on vacation or where ever I traveled.

This website is the next logical step.  I am creating an online version which is easy to share with family and friends.

The recipes are written as basic stepping stones, simple enough so that the beginner cook should have enough information to be successful and the more experienced cook can modify to suit their tastes.  Most steps are illustrated…just double click and the view is enlarged.

May you enjoy making and expand upon the recipes of the Dunlop Brothers’ Family Cookbook!

By the way, both Grammy’s Butter Tarts and Roast Chicken with Pork Stuffing have been published!

Ginny Dunlop